• Production of NPK T-1253 catalyst consumed in 1-butane unit with a production capacity of 200 tons per year

  • Production of knowledge-based products with new technology

  • Supply and development of catalysts and additives used in Iranian petrochemical units, especially polyethylene and polypropylene units

  • Supply of additives for masterbatch, compound, tile, ceramic, adhesive and resin industries from the most reputable manufacturers

  • Replacement of licensed catalysts with equivalent catalysts in Iranian petrochemical units

  • Research to improve product quality

  • Identify owners of technical knowledge in order to sell products and commercialize technology

  • Transfer of technical knowledge for the production of heavy polyethylene, comonomer and peroxide from foreign countries

  • Providing engineering services and consulting in the field of purchasing and installation engineering (EPC)

  • Specialized trade in the supply of chemicals, equipment, construction materials, nanomaterials, ferroalloys, metals and export and import

  • Applied research, development aimed at commercializing research findings and conducting field operations

  • Supply, installation and implementation of anti-earthquake and fire-fighting equipment in the construction industry