Extraction of precious metals from catalysts

Submitted by safari on Mon, 02/28/2022 - 14:50
Extraction of precious metals from catalysts

Catalysts containing platinum and palladium metals are used in various industries, including the oil industry, to accelerate the performance of various reactions. Using the catalyst many times causes the catalyst to be deactivated and the desired activity is not caused by it. In most cases, the presence of coke and other compounds on the surface of the catalyst is the main cause of catalyst deactivation. In this case, burning the inactive catalyst reactivates it. Each time the catalyst is reactivated, its activity decreases compared to the previous stage, and eventually it becomes impossible to activate the catalyst and the used catalyst must be replaced with a new catalyst.

Due to the high price of platinum and palladium, disposing of used catalysts is not economically viable. In this project, ways to recover platinum and palladium from used catalysts in the oil, petrochemical and automotive industries that can not be reactivated will be implemented.



Projects carried out in the extraction of catalysts:

  • Catalysts for Iranian and foreign cars including platinum, palladium and rhodium
  • Isolation and oxidation catalysts for petrochemical industries including silver, platinum and palladium
  • Hydrogenation catalysts and reduction processes in the chemical and oil and gas industries