Diethyl ether

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Diethyl ether

Diethyl ether is the simplest aliphatic ether. This material is a colorless, odorless and highly flammable liquid in environmental conditions.

Production of diethyl ether by heterogeneous catalytic method

Various acid solid catalysts such as gamma-alumina, acid zeolites, heteropolyacids and combined oxides have been used for the ethanol dehydration reaction in the gas phase.

Among them, gamma-alumina is generally preferred due to its low price, high surface area, high selectivity over diethyl ether, very good lifespan, high mechanical and thermal resistance.

The disadvantage of this catalyst is its hydrophilicity. It absorbs water much more strongly than ethanol and as a result loses some of its activity during the reaction. Therefore, making an active, selectable and stable catalyst with high water resistance is very important.


  • Precursor in the synthesis of other organic compounds such as diethyl sulfate, ethyl acetate and light olefins
  • Clean fuel for combustion engines and gas turbines
  • Used as a common laboratory solvent
  • Used as a common laboratory solvent and an excellent solvent for alkaloids, dyes, fats, oils, resins and waxes
  • Aqueous solutions are used in the production of cellulose acetate and plastics in the recovery of acetic acid